Bluestone Mountain Farm
Contact: Rhonda Sherman Dortch
Address: 550 Brush Ridge Road Hinton, WV, 25951
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Phone: 304-466-9288
About Us
Growing up as a young girl I lived in a small house in a small neighbor. I always yearned to grow plants, vegetables and have animals. However, none of these were easy to aquire in a city environment. As the years passed, I went to college, married, and started a family in a rural area with a small plot of land. For the first time I was able to begin what would become a lifetime of learning, and growing. My love for farming and plants started me on the path to a wholesale business with cut flowers. After three years the cut flowes were converted into a value added product and incorporated into a line of angels and cherubs which were sold to Hallmark Stores. Wholesale was a great direction for my lifestyle and opened up the opportunity to purchase a farm and pursue my life long dream. From 2001-2009 an educational program was developed with an emphasis on homesteading circa 1900. Elementary school children were brought to the farm daily from school districts around the area on field trips, where they were shown and participated in early American life. This program took center stage in my life inspiring the children and passing on my passion for agriculture. I began developing products from the farm starting with my desire to create a line of essential oil herbal soaps with excess milk from my dairy goats. In 2006 Bluestone Mountain Soap Co. was founded. As a passion from growing organic vegetables and herbs came the desire for more land to explore on. In 2011 Bluestone Mountain Soap Co. and all the animals relocated to Hinton WV. With mountain land to expand pastured meats ( broilers,lamb,goose,turkey and duck were added and Bluestone Mountain Farm was created. This love of the land and all things natural has transformed my life into one most people can only dream of. Thank you for helping me live my dream. LIVE.. LOVE.. DREAM.. or facebook/ bluestonemountainfarm Rhonda Sherman Dortch
Farmer Rhonda's Pure Products. In the spring of 2014 after many months of hard work and determination Bluestone Mountain Farm received it's AWA ( Animal Welfare Approved) certification for pasture raised chicken and duck eggs with over 250 standard items for each breed. AWA is a food label for meat,eggs and dairy products that come from animals raised to the highest welfare and environmental standards. These standards ensures that AWA certified farms provide continual access to pasture or range,as well as the opportunity to preform natural instinctive behaviors essential to their well being and your health. AWA is one of only two labels in the US that require to be audited with high welfare harvest practices and is the only label that requires pasture access for all animals. AWA is a totally transparent certification with all standards and procedures listed on their website.( As of 2014 Bluestone Mountain Farm is the only AWA Certified farm in WV that raises pastured poultry and duck eggs. BMF uses organic practices without herbicides or pesticides on the pastures or produce. Manures to fertilize are used from our own livestock and feathers from the processing that are all raised on the land we farm. Beneficial insects are promoted for a natural balance and all things considered to protect our honey bee hives .The poultry feed is custom made locally with Organic Fertrell minerals. The poultry and ducks are given frozen goats milk to peck away at for a powerhouse of vitamins, omega 3, alpha hydroxy to build a strong structure and keeping them cool on hot summer days. No hormones,antibiotics or injected flavorings are ever used. The geese are fed in the brooder a week of the same custom feed with hand picked clovers and grasses but are aggressive grazers and care little about grain once on pasture. No feed stock lots are used only rotational grazing supplemented with vegetable crops, fruits and seeds. Exceptional care completely reflects the flavorful, juicy meats and awesome broth that come from animals truly raised off the land. Thanks for giving it a try and please visit the website at You wont be disappointed. Happy Days Ahead........ Farmer Rhonda