Redwing Farm Soup
Contact: Luke and Keveney Bair
Address: 519 Redwing Lane Sinks Grove, WV, 24976
Email Address:
Phone: 304-647-8017
About Us
Redwing Farm is an 80 acre farm in Monroe County, West Virginia. We created a soup, salad and bread delivery service locally three years ago. We are ready to offer MFM customers our soups by the quart and salads by the pint. We use local produce and meats from our farm as well as other local producers. We raise heritage pigs on pasture and grow specialty produce in our 100 ft. high tunnel and on several acres of open land.
We raise our vegetables and herbs naturally, without chemical pesticides. We fertilize with organic fertilizer using foliar sprays and side dressing. We also incorporate mature compost and cover crops into our fertilization.

Our pigs are raised on open pasture and fed supplementally with a pig meal which has minerals and plant proteins to encourage health and vigor. We do not medicate healthy pigs and do not use routine antibiotics. We choose pig breeds that are hearty and resilient in order to keep our pork clean and free of medications.